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Hi everyone, Richard here, guitarist and singer from Echo Town. My brother Robert and I have had an amazing few years playing and plugging our 'Be Strong Troop On' album. The support we have had has been incredible and we have met and befriended some beautiful people on this journey.
We are now happy to announce that we recorded a new album back in January and that we are now ready to put it into physical production. So now is your chance to pre-order our album to grab the very first copies. There are physical CDs available, digital downloads, and for the first time ever in our musical career: VINYLS!!
This is simply a pre-order campaign. We need the money from your pledges now to be able to put the album into production which is not a cheap endeavour. We have booked up an album launch tour in October, so we actually need copies of the album to take on tour with us.
This album is very different from the Come on Over and the Be Strong Troop On albums we have previously released. This album was recorded in a week, live in the studio together for the takes, and the overdubs and vocals were added later. The energy in this album more accurately represents our live sound and the raw energy we like to produce. One didgeridoo track on the album is just purely live in the studio and the energy of it has been captured masterfully by John Cornfield (Recorded with Muse, The Stone Roses, Robert Plant and more recently Ben Howard, just to name a few).
<figure><figcaption>The new album artwork.</figcaption></figure>
We are very excited about this album and we want you to be too. Help support us by pre-ordering your copy now. This pre-order campaign is only running for 30 days. After that you won't be able to buy the same packages or potentially the same deals. Grab your stuff now!

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