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About Richie Righteous

Hey Guys, I just didn't want to list my bio here, but I wanted to say something heartfelt. I have been a pastor and a Christian musician for quiet a while and I have received testimonies of people being encouraged to fight for their marriage, to being saved from suicide, to people walking away from gangs, to people being encouraged and energized to live. I have done concerts in prisons to where most people won't go, to juvenile facilities, foreign lands and much more. I have pretty much self funded most of it. I am not backed by anyone. I need you to help me continue to put a message of hope in a world that needs it. We need more music that uplifts in the time we are living in. We need truth Music. Please join me in any way that you can. 
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Me and the band have 3 trips to make this summer and we need help with travel. 
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