Rick Myers

is creating Paintings and Drawings of everything!
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The Daily Sketcher
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 Daily practice is the biggest pillar of becoming great at anything. As a supporter at this tier you help with that. Thank you for helping me get all the supplies that I need to keep up the practice. What do you get?

  •  A monthly newsletter and updates on projects. 

  • Access to digital content such processes sketches and videos. 

The Studio Tour
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This means a lot, you supporting me this much. At this point you support the process of my painting from beginning to end. I want you to be part of that process.  What do you get?

  • Downloadable  content, of my notes and my exercises based on the new things I have been learning.

  • You will receive my annual sketchbook, a collection of all my work over each year!

  • And everything on the lower tier.
The Collector
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This is getting serious.  You really like me or maybe just my art work. Now you get something to hang up on the wall. 

  • Occasionally you will receive a little something special. This might be a print or something else.

  • You get everything all the lower tiers get.




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About Rick Myers

The way I see the world is through my art. I draw and paint everything around me or what in in my imagination. Whether I am drawing instead of taking notes in a class or traveling and capturing the amazing people and places in a painting. That means  I end up with a lot of paintings and drawings to share. It's amazing that I can now in fact share all my drawings on the web and someone doesn't have to seek me out or go to one of my shows just to see what I am creating.

The plan for each year is to create a book that will be a showcase of sketches, drawings, and paintings of the world around me and what I have been learning. 

Please support me on this journey.

My contributors will be charged on the 1st of every month my newsletter will come out on the 15th!
$55 of $300 per month
When I hit this goal everyone of my patrons will receive a print. At this point this becomes a legitimate source of income and not just something that pays for itself.
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