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Every bit helps, and your pledge means a lot to me, so a Big Thankyou for supporting me.

•  A big Thank You from me and a mention in any videos I do (Even on Channel Jobless)

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I'm a cheap skate so I wouldn't buy any food for anyone at meet ups. 

But if you pledge to this tier, I'll be able to actually buy food for others. So I promise that when I'm running activities at meet ups, I'll buy a pizza or two for the participants, no catch. And it's a pizza for each pledge in this tier. If you happen to attend one of these meet ups, you can join in and share a slice.

•  A big Thank You from me and a mention in any videos I do.
•  I'll buy Pizza or equivalent for participants at meetups (based on number of pledges in this tier or above).

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A good pledge means I can make a few more frequent videos for myself, so for each pledge in this tier, I'll make a video for my own Youtube channel.

•  A big Thank You from me and a mention in any videos I do.
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About Rider Viper

Note: I'm still working on my Patreon page, it takes time and I have a lot of work that needs to be done, so bare with my weird list of things that may seem incomplete, I still have yet to do the Tiers and Goals properly, and even the intro and thankyou videos, I will refine and complete this as soon as I can. 

Simply put, I am a jack of all trades in Sri Lanka, locally known for doing crazy unheard things and pretty much appearing in persons, just about everywhere. On the surface I am a cosplayer, a table top gamer, and a designer. I'm also known as well known cheap skate for knowing where to find cheap stuff that's usable. And there's so much more I do and that I want to keep doing.

I'm a freelancer working in multiple self run jobs, because a single type of job doesn't pay enough or frequently. This includes:
• Running a store that ships trinkets and run sales at events.
• Building props for drama, cosplayers and events.
• Building cheap PVC lightsabers.
• Renting stuff out.
• Hired to create video animations or edit videos.
• Creating graphics and posters and prints.
• Consultant for events, activities and ideas.

I would like the freedom to have fun, while working as well. I currently work on stuff that takes a lot of time because I love to do them, but that doesn't earn anything:
• Working on Channel Jobless.
• Running table top gaming activities, such as D&D, Yugioh & Pokemon games.
• Run sessions for lightsaber training.
• Painting miniatures, mostly Hotwheels.
• Building terrain maps for gaming.
• Cosplaying for my self.

I've seen the ups and downs to things, my own self businesses have had some success and failures, nothing is easy. But I continue on with what I can. For anyone reading through this, I thankyou for taking the time, and I thank anyone that even considers supporting me, every little helps and makes a difference, and I appreciate it greatly, I like to do the things I'm passionate about without having to worry about those that depend on me. I want to live.
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If I reach this goal, then I know I'm not crazy, I did something to get someone to support me...
A Big Thankyou to you out there...

• I have no goal yet, but maybe I will begin my Patreon campaign.
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