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Hi I’m Rafe, and I am a 29 year old Certified Lymphedema Therapist, former PTA, and currently hustling to become an every day and night success(ful) entrepreneur. I am a rambling polymath (I’m interested and learn about EVERYTHING), and I attempt to deliver content with unique explanations and solutions to targeted audiences. For me, purpose is everything. My commitment when entering health care was simply to do my best to always do right by my patient. In my journey to become an entrepreneur, my mission is to see if it’s possible to help more patients each day by providing the most value across various social medium platforms and interactions in person. If you find my content valuable and desire to contribute toward a greater health project, this is an opportunity to gift me another day at working toward a dream I hope we can all share. In an attempt to provide knowledge content that bares no longer any premium, I’ve set up various revenue stream and selling ventures to self-fund my patient-centered project. Thank you for your valuable time and consideration.

Forging Grace & Peace,
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This is 1 month’s debt I pay for student loans. I’m attempting to both pay off my debts and build a business at the same time- something that is very challenging. My goal is to one day be debt free to give me broader flexibility and time to dedicate to my largest patient-centered project. To move forward, it’s important I first pay my debts from days behind.
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