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Over the past 8 years we've created over 1000 videos for all ages with a huge budget of $0! Our videos range from action to comedy to music videos to weird, random, pointless stuff. If you're looking for sexual content, nudity, language, or high budget films, then check out a completely different channel! We've been able to show the world that you don't need all that crude stuff to make epic films!

My twin brother and I started film-making when we were young lads. After picking up our first camera in middle school, we became those kids who always "filmed a video for class" or "helped other kids make a video to get an easy A." While other friends moved on to pursue impressive careers, we went on to enjoy life as film-makers!  Our childhood hobby is now a dream career (thanks primarily to our supportive parents).

However, it's not a very lucrative career so far. We've NEVER made money off of our YouTube videos. We've tried ads, but honestly, I'd like to take those off! NO ADS? Did we just time travel to the era of dial-up internet?

We've been blessed and resourceful finding locations, casts, etc. on NO BUDGET so far. Join our crew by supporting our videos!  All the money you give will go directly into our (currently nonexistent) video fund that helps us pay for locations, famous actors (hopefully), equipment, and so much more.

Help us dream BIG!  Support us and enjoy some awesome stuff as a huge thanks! 

P.S. We love you...
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