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Not only will you help change a little history,
build the future, AND help people,
you will have fun doing it.

Regretably, this Rifleman lost ONE YEAR'S WORTH OF WORK learning this!

What is Rifleman Media?

The easiest way to describe our activities is like a MINI-AMAZON, back when Amazon just sold books, but without their goal of controlling the universe. We are creating new media forms and delivery methods of telling stories!

Rifleman Media's primary internet computer technology is based in Paris, France (where privacy still valued). Since much of our content has an international flavor, we like using foreign phrases. Rifleman Media specializes in creating different GENRES.
What is a genre, really?
Genre is a classy French word for kind or type. Genre is a "category of artistic composition characterized by a particular style, form, or content" (Webster's Third International Dictionary, Copyright 1976, page 947). A genre is distinctive, and can apply to any type or form of creative work: literary, image, video, art, etc.
Rifleman Media's Common Themes
One common theme between all current Rifleman Media genres is that all these stories are true! In many cases the names have been changed to "protect the guilty" (snark / satire). This serves to protect the authors as well!

Another common theme is that most of Rifleman Media's creators believe that the story outweighs the author. Focusing on the STORY and not WHO WROTE IT is very rare today in the world of MODERN corporate publishing. Jane Yollen in Writers Magazine called this the goal of all good writers, quoting another author who published under the name of "ANON." This is short for the word, ANONYMOUS. Though it sounds strange today, this was far more common in previous generations of authors, before television and "selfies" existed.

Most Rifleman Media creators have chosen to market individual works under a nom-de-plume (French for "pen name"), which is like an alias. This is a cross between the two: publishing under a name other than their own. The great author of the classics "Animal Farm" and "1984", became famous under his nom-de-plume, George Orwell. His real name was Eric Blair.

Currently Rifleman Media is creating under three genres, represented by thematic logos and icons. Follow the underlined links to view this and other websites. Logos provide full website addresses in case the url links are broken.

NOTE: Try to view sites on a Firefox browser with a laptop or desk computer with a larger screen and/or mouse. Chrome (mobile and desktop) also label some genre domains as dangerous and unsecure! Complaints have been filed!
Rifleman Media's Raison d'Etre: Tormented Soldier
Rifleman Media's raison d'etre (French for "reason for existence / being"), conceptualized about a decade ago, goes beyond just creating and publishing. Rifleman Media is now privately-developed and privately-controlled, as described below: How has Rifleman Media been developed so far?

SINCE ALL WORK thus far has been DONE IN-HOUSE, the Rifleman Media has excellent profit margins. Once full operations are established, these margins increase significantly. This will enable a percentage of future GROSS REVENUES (not profits) going to fund the real goal: providing ARMY RIFLEMAN VETERANS A SAFE HOME. This is written formally in the Motto of Tormented Soldier section presented at the end of this site: Tormented Soldier: Helping combat vets, General Patton style

In other words, by supporting Rifleman Media now, MANY veterans will benefit directly and most profoundly.
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Army Privates
per month
Army Privates - Boots on the Ground

These are the MOST important people: the Army's heart and soul! There are 4 levels of these enlisted soldiers in the U.S. Army today: Private - PVT (E-1), Private Second Class - PV2 (E-2), Private First Class - PFC (E-3), and Specialist SPC (E-4)

This tier benefit is a "Monthly Customized" update, ranging from 500-1500 words / 3-5 pages such as:

  • a full chapter of current writing, 
  • unpublished historic research (like Excel spreadsheets used to confirm military facts with REAL statistical analysis), 

If history is not your cup of tea, chose a title from our related websites listed on RiflemanMedia.com! We will contact the author for you! Remember to note the title of the work in which you have interest! Email address necessary to receive multimedia posts, not possible under this Patreon system...

Army Sergeants
per month
Sergeants - Educators Extraordinaire!

These people keep the show on the road, from daybreak to sunset! In many ways, these are the Army's brains and energy!  

Rifleman Media's founder was RAISED BY, NOT ONE, 

BUT TWO ARMY Sergeants!  The Growing Up stories detailed in Future Storylines are REALLY unbelievable UNLESS you recognize my parents continued ARMY ways in civilian life.   

In the U.S. Army today, there are 9 levels of these Sergeants! Sergeants are also known as NCOs (short for non-commissioned officers).   The Sergeants can make more money than commissioned officers.  That alone tells you JUST how important  Sergeants are to the U.S. Army!   

Here are the 9 levels: Corporal - CPL (E-4), Sergeant - SGT (E-5), Sergeant - SSG (E-6) / 6 levels of senior NCOs: Sergeant First Class- SFC (E-7),  Master Sergeant - MSG (E-8), First Sergeant - ISG (E-8),  Sergeant Major - SGM  (E-8),   Command Sergeant Major - CSM  (E-9),  Sergeant Major of the Army - SMA  (E-9). 

Sergeants are entitled to custom tailored writing from ANY website connected to RiflemanMedia.com. Designed to be collectibles, you will really feel special, just like Army Sergeants are!  Unlike the Privates rewards, these tell longer stories,  5-10 pages -  depending on graphics.   

Army Majors
per month
Army Majors - Battle Field Officers

These are the brains in the field of ACTIVE BATTLE in World War II. Rifleman Media founder's father took BATTLE ORDERS directly from a great MAJOR during one of the bloodiest campaigns in World War II: ANZIO.  Major Toffey was my father's idol, as was General Patton. Read a bit quote from "the Book" of all books under the Brand description: THWY: The Hell with You:


 ..."Just then a divisional officer interpreter came up and began questioning the Krauts [German soldiers]. I said: 'Lieutenant, if you are going to question those Krauts for another hour I'll go back to the Thirteenth C.P. [Command Post] and find out what I can do with them.' The Lieutenant said: 'Okay, Corporal. But don't be too long about it.' I said to myself: 'To hell with you.' I left him there with the eleven Jerries. [German soldiers]."   

See RiflemanMedia.com website to learn more about this! 

The photo shows Major Toffey (LEFT portrait drawing) and my father, Corporal Kindlarski (RIGHT portrait drawing) in the 1943 book by the famous George Biddle, who drew the portraits above.  These soldiers knew what the battlefield was REALLY like, requiring great courage, drive, and commitment!  They understood true Honor and Glory!  

Rewards for Majors:  Major NEW WRITING  / Participation / Idea exchange => with the HONOR of EDITING and COMMENTING on this content!  In other words, Rifleman will take "commands" on how "stories" should be told.  The exchanges of content commentary will take place privately, so that an HONEST exchange of ideas can be made outside of public scrutiny! Be a Major participant! 

Army Generals
per month
Calling on more Army General Pattons, reincarnated!


Rifleman Media has done private crowd funding for many years. She has several people acting as General Pattons, but all refuse to do so through modern technology.  They act behind the scenes.  Generals are people of great FAITH in Rifleman Media!  BECOME A GENERAL PATRON and believe in our mission! 

Rifleman Media's father idolized the real General Patton, and fought under his leadership in 1943 and 1944.  "My parents literally lived the movie, Patton." Joe Kindlarski was a "working man's Patton.  Ruth Hacke was an administrator in Patton's Army on the front lines in Europe.  They believed in Patton and the U.S. Army and NEVER LOST FAITH!  They NEVER STOPPED believing in fighting the good fight.  JOE AND RUTH'S STORIES "MUST BE TOLD", as one famous WWII historian has advised this creator!


Widely believed to be one of the best generals in U.S. Army history, General Patton was ALSO the richest man in the U.S. Army. Born rich, General Patton chose the battlefield over the boardroom. His family heritage was from a long line of military men. Patton KNEW that he was born to be a soldier.  He believed he was reincarnated from previous eras of great warriors.  

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We have been doing this privately for about a decade. See RIFLEMANMEDIA.COM
We have several of each tier group - Generals, Majors, Corporals, and Privates.
Most believe without needing any reward at all.  They believe in the cause - honor and glory and hearing real true stories about war.  Wait until you see how my Dad earned his BRONZE star. Join us to learn about THAT story!  His 3 Purple Hearts are an even better story that keeps on going until today!
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