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About Tri Nguyen

Hi! My name is Tri Nguyen and I'm a game designer. I started this YouTube channel called RightBrainRants a little while ago to talk about all kinds of art forms. I started with movie and game reviews, but slowly found a deep passion of in-depth video essays. Creating these analysis videos has been such a satisfying experience, as it gave me the opportunity to talk about all of the things I love with a community that is equally as passionate as I am!

We've discussed everything from the merits of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to why rappers use stage names. We've studied the methods of Bo Burnham, explored interesting game design ideas in indie games, and discussed the validity of abstract art. 

First off, I don't expect people's money from all of this. I make videos on YouTube because it's just so damn fun to talk about the things I love and discuss them with a community. That being said, balancing full-time graduate school career and a part-time job doing game design takes a lot of time. Another source of income would help me make videos more frequently by allocating more time into the videos.

I'll be using Patreon primarily as an avenue of income to support the actual videos, like buying better equipment, buying games and movies that the community recommends, and other things along those lines. The income will also help me make videos much more frequently!

I'll also only be charging for the main videos, so the in-depth analysis videos and video essays. If I do things like the Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman rants / reviews, those won't charge you at all!

It's honestly been a dream come true actually being able to do this YouTube channel and getting as many views and subscribers that I've been getting. I used to get 20 views on my videos max, and even that was fine by me. Thank you all for your support! It means so much to me!

- Tri Nguyen
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If I hit this, I'll be able to make videos on any games and movies that you guys suggest, since all of the videos I make are on games I actually own.
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