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About Right on Point

Friends, Fans, Countrymen, lend us your ears:

Welcome to Right on Point's Patreon page! We're committed to delivering the best-quality conservative podcast straight to our audience. We live in an exceedingly toxic political climate, and given that much of the mainstream media in the Trump era is fake news, our mission is to bring intelligent, no-frills conservative commentary to the forgotten men and women who were the impetus behind President Trump's historic election.

It is for this reason that we beseech our viewers to join our community each month to keep our audiences informed, entertained, and consistently satisfied with the content we produce. We have high standards for ourselves, much as the President has high standards for this country -- by working together, we can ensure the revolution which began in 2016 only grows stronger, and that a new generation of Americans are equipped with the conservative principles that are so desperately needed in these haphazard times.

For especially committed and generous patrons, realize that your contributions won't go unheeded. We will strive to reciprocate your generosities with exclusive content, behind-the-scenes access, and much more. We cannot thank you enough for pledging to this cause, and for keeping the torch of principled conservatism alive for another generation.


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