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12/03 - FICLETS!!! That's right, Ficlets! Weekly stories added, available to $3 Patrons and above! You can read them at https://rsfics.com/ficlets! FICLETS!!!

Special Note: I don't post any of my stories, or chapters on Patreon. I post them all on my website, rsfics.com, and Patreon is the paywall that protects my stories from spammers, advertising, and all that other stuff that keeps me from destroying it for the fellow reader. So trust me when I say that there are many more 'Patreon-exclusive' posts out there. I try not to keep main story chapters behind a paywall forever, but helping me out deserve a few digital challenge coins, no?

Hi, I'm Rihaan. Well, I'm also Demontre. But on the internet, my creepy shadow pseudonym is Rihaan Shimomura.

As to what I am - I'm a writer. Or an Author. Whichever is Politically Correct. I like to write fanfiction, and I have been for 15 years at this point, in my twenty-seven year lifespan. I don't know the popularity of my stories, but if you're here, I qualify that as a win.

Mostly, I write Harry Potter. I've dabbled in other fandoms (Batman, iCarly, Life is Strange and more recently, Once Upon a Time), but the Potterverse is one I'll likely keep returning to, until the readers stop reading it. I've always kept a heavy investment in Harry/Hermione, but in recent years, I've been more interested in Harry/Multi or Harem-type stories, and while I've kept smut to a minimum, in favor of the plot line, I try to make the erotic scenes worth it.

I am so very thankful, and grateful, for anyone who decides to give to this 'tip jar' of mine, on a monthly basis. You have helped me so much, and I hope to continue to earn your support and love.

To the undecided: read some of my stories (some are NSFW, but they will be labeled). See if you like some of them. Original fiction works are iffy, and terrifying, and while I work on that little by little, please continue to enjoy what I've already made, and will make in the future. Of course, your fandom could be on my list of future endeavors as well. If you like what you see, think about making a donation, to let me know that there's more than just a passing interest in what I could do for you.

See you soon, and thanks for reading.
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For such a massive collection of the best people in the world, I will send out posters. One of my story covers, or a profile cover, will be sent out to you! Just make sure you provide your address, patrons $1 and above!
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