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About Riku

My name is Federica and I am an Italian Cosplayer and an "Artist".
I've started my adventure in the world of Cosplay two years ago, from there I tried to make all my costumes and accessories by myself.  I'm very passionate about cosplay but sometimes is really expensive but with your help I could improve my cosplay with new and better material... And maybe I could take part at way more comics bringing there lot and lot of cosplay if you would help me! :3
Patreon will be a platform for me to share Cosplay, Wip, and Draw.
Draw? YES! I also love drawing, and in the future one of my dream is to become a cartoonist.
I didn't study at an art's school and unfortunately also attend a comic course  is too expensive... but I hope that you like and support my art! :D
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If u will help me I could buy worbla &  foam to improve my Fishbone!! ❤️ thank you if you will do it!!
Kiss and... Get Jinxed!! :3
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