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  • You will also be credited in all my commentaries as a "Cheap Prick"
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Psst, don't tell anyone I told you this

but donating a dollar gets you access to my videos before it gets released and if I'm feel super risque that day, I might post a preview or two. :3c 

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dUDE, FIVE WHOLE SMACKERONIS? If you decided to choose this tier, you will be allowed in my (supersecretdonttellanybody) official patreon discord server where you can talk to me and it's easier to keep up to date with the stuff I do.




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Hey guys, Mills Kohai here with the "Top Ten Reasons to Donate to My Patreon"

10. Money
9. Equipment
8. Dollars
7. Software
6. Currency
5. Other Assets
4. Spending Paper
3. I give free hugs
2. Objects exchanged for goods and services
1. So my Dad will love me

Also "blah blah, this is optional, blah blah, nothing will change if you don't donate, blah blah, rewards, blah blah."

Get off my lawn
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I'd have more money for food i need to survive or art/other resources for videos c:
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