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I will personally stream one game of your choosing per month every month you donate this much or more, as long as I have the game and am able to stream it! I will send out a list of all the games and systems I'm able to stream so you can pick what you'd like to see! If you don't see a game you want streamed on the list, you are also more than welcome to donate it or have me borrow it long enough to stream.




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Hey there! My name is Ripley. I'm a disabled non-binary transgender individual currently on-track to move in with friends in Oregon. I am striving to create fun and interesting streams and Youtube videos while also making both of my channels safe spaces for queer and otherwise marginalized people within the gaming community.

This means that slurs, transphobia, ableism, etc. are NOT things you will have to worry about within my streams and videos. I want to maintain these safe spaces while also producing content anyone can enjoy; I already have several different series and kinds of streams planned to hopefully have a little of something for everyone!

In addition, I hope to eventually expand the channel and bring more LGBTA creators and streamers in who will produce their own content with and alongside me in the channel. I already have a few people interested, so hopefully it's something that will come about sooner rather than later!

By pledging and/or donating, you would help make all this possible by:
1. Affording me funds to move out from my not-great living situation to Oregon, where I will have better resources (such as MUCH faster internet) and more space available (room for an actual desk, etc.) to work on videos/streaming more exclusively. 
2. Helping me pay bills which gives me more time to produce more content, rather than having to seek out multiple other sources of income.
3. Allowing me to upgrade the hardware and software I'm using, thereby increasing the quality of videos and streams. Currently my set up is a laptop that blue-screens regularly, a $20 EZcap 116 SD capture card, and the free video editing program Lightworks; all of this is low-quality and difficult to work with, greatly hindering my capability and the quality of what I can produce. 

And much more. I have a lot in mind for what I want to do as far as pledge rewards and my content in general are concerned. The more goals I reach, the more content and rewards I can produce. So if you like what I do or are interested in what's to come, consider becoming a patron!
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A small start that would allow me to upgrade the look and feel of my Youtube channel and Twitch channel as well as giving me time to release a new video series I've been wanting to work on!
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