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About Rise Percussion

We are a competitive percussion ensemble from Denver, CO. 
Our ultimate goal is to inspire a new generation of excellence in the arts, changing the cultural fingerprint of Denver.
Part of that mission is bringing our excellent group of young performers to WGI World Championships in Dayton, OH. 
This is a long journey, and it won't be easy. It's a huge financial burden for each of our performers.
Each week, we will be publishing a new video featuring:
-behind-the-scenes content from the season
-spotlights on some of our performers 
-knowledge from our world-class instructors
Your donations will go directly to keeping our travel costs and expenses as low as possible.  Thanks for your support!
$102 of $200 per video
We've been working extremely hard to give our members a top-notch experience this season. In order for our trip to WGI Championships this year to become a reality, we need to make $200 per video. That's not much, so tell your friends!
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