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About Danny Rodriguez


Hello, my name is Daniel, but people on the internet call me Risk, Risky, RISK THE BADASS! ... okay maybe not that but hey a guy can dream right? For years I've been dreaming about doing what I love for a living; creating awesome stories in comic form to a wonderful set of people who enjoy reading good stories! (Jeez that was long)

I've been sharing my work for years with people around me, and also on the internet such as; 

During the journey towards my full-time web comics goal, anything along the way would be awesome to help me achieve my big goal. I want to keep going, and make a bunch of original webcomics for many people to read! Thank you to all of you for coming along with me with full support, looking forward to releasing many original webcomics of mine for you all to read.
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Within this goal, I can update the rewards to become even better!  Also let's me know how awesome you are, this really motivates me!
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