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My deep, sincere appreciation for your support and an unlisted or public (it's your choise) YouTube video of me saying thank you and giving your channel a shoutout if you need it.
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I will send you a Free Cards By Mail every month! You will get 1 rare, few uncommons, some common cards and a card singed by me :)
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All the above but you will now get 1 Rare, 1 Reverse Holo Rare, few uncommons, some commons and a card signed by me. You will also get 3 Pokemon TCG Online booster packs from the latest set. Remember, you will receive those prizes every month!




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For the past year I’ve been making all sorts of pokemon videos
Booster pack openings, Deck reviews, Playtest videos, How-to guides, Pokemon TCG Online booster pack openings and many others.

But most importantly, for the past year I’ve been giving away Pokemon Cards EVERY Single week! Even when I had to leave my hometown for 6 whole months, I kept my promise to you for a Sunday’s Giveaway every Sunday! I have given away more than 120 cards all of them being Holo Rares, Normal Rares, Reverse Holo Rares and Ultra Rares.

The problem is the following. I can no longer purchase booster boxes because I can not afford to… unfortunately…

What does this mean for the channel? I have to abandon the Booster Pack Opening series since I will not have booster packs to open. That’s not what bothers me the most. I thought that I can easily replace the physical booster pack opening videos with digital ones. But how will I give away Pokemon Cards every single week if I don’t have any Pokemon Cards to give away? That’s the big problem…
That’s why I decided to start a Patreon Campaign!

I really appreciate your support and I really hope that we will save the Sunday's Giveaways together!
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I will be able to open only one Pokemon TCG booster box every 6 months. That will not be sufficient to support the Sunday's Giveaway thought :(
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