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Hi there, I'm Robb.

I'm a techie based in Ireland. I work with schools to help provide them with the IT knowledge they need to educate our kids. Unfortunately not every child can always afford a computer they may need. Sure some would say get a Raspberry Pi, but for some of these kids, that wouldn't do (despite how AWESOME the Pi is).

So lots of places throw out old tech after 3 years due to it being out of warranty, I propose to gather up these machines, and see if I can refurbish them, one a month, more if possible and give them to these kids and families that otherwise would not have access to a computer.

I am hoping Patreon can help me afford to take time out of my normal work month to do this, and cover the cost of any parts that do need to be ordered. The more I can raise here, the more I hope to be able to give away. 

My first goal, 200 Euro a month. That's all. That should let me give one laptop a month to someone. 400 Euro would let me do two, and so on.

If you want to help, thank you. 

If you don't, but want to watch the streams, that's great too! 
$3 of $300 per month
Euro to Dollars, so I need about 200 Euro, which is about $300 a month to do this. Once I have that I can start refurbishing one laptop a month. I'll stream the whole process too.
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