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About The Republic Of Lorell

The Republic of Lorell is an online gaming community set up as an Org within the upcoming MMORPG, Star Citizen. It is an RP-focussed Org set up as an independent faction within the Star Citizen world. The Republic has members from all walks of life and all across the globe.
The aim of the Republic in-game is to establish a new homeworld, more than 300 years after their original home planet, Lorell, was destroyed in a government-sanctioned holocaust.

We are here on Patreon because we want to share with you what we, as an Org, are creating. And we would love your support in continuing to create our content.
As an Org, we create videos, RP storylines, artwork, and even merchandise, and we would like to be able to share this content with a wider variety of people, and allow our members the opportunity to get involved in a wider range of fan-related projects.

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