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     For the first time in years I am returning to the world of Blogging. Previously I had blogged about my first steps in the world of RC Flying “The Runway”. It was a fun experience that truly helped me broaden my horizons and develop a deeper appreciation for RC. I also spent some time working with the awesome group at the now-defunct, creating content based on Palm/HP webOS-based smart phones. My desire to create content is what has lead to my newest independent endeavor, RoXolid Studios. Under the RoXolid Studios banner we'll have this blog, RoXolid Tech along with other social media sites, but I'll get into more detail on that in a bit. 
     My vision for RoXolid (pronounced Rock Solid) Productions is that this will be about all things tech and more that I geek out about. Sure, I'll have posts covering RC Cars, trucks, boats, planes and, yes, maybe even some of those scary “DRONES” (OK, they’re quads and multirotors, I know, I know) but I’m also going branch out and post some cool info on the latest gadgets out there.  Cameras, tablets, smartphones, hell I may even throw in a movie review here and there!
     From how-tos, insights, micro-reviews, event coverage and more I’ll be blogging about it. Because posts will be made more on-the-fly I apologize in advance for any typos, incorrect supposition use or otherwise butchering the English language. I’ll do my best but I am sure things will slip through.
     Now some of you may be reading this and wondering why am I creating a blog? Does this mean I am no-longer an employee of Horizon Hobby? To get this out of the way I am employed by Horizon Hobby, however RoXolid Tech is in no way affiliated, sponsored by, endorsed by or in any other way connected to Horizon Hobby, LLC. This site, and those affiliated with it, represent my views and opinions only.

     There will be a number of ways you can follow along as I go. I’m working on designing pages for posting to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ .  You can also email me too, you know, if you're into that sort of thing and all. 

  Like I said, I’m going to cover quite a few different tech avenues via this blog so without further adieu...

20% complete
I currently do not own any Everdrives. Adding Everdrives to the arsenal will improve the thoroughness of our retro clone system reviews.   
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