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Rust + Dust is a gestalt entity comprised of New York Times best-selling author Aaron W. Dembski-Bowden, and the artist David Sondered. Together they're responsible for the brain-junk and broken crayons used in creating The Road to Jove.

The Story: Two Fomorian soldiers - the human officer Tara and the Keltoi battle-automaton Ceathair - traverse an unstable, war-torn wasteland called the Regret. Their journey is long: from the Kingdom of Fomoria to the fallen city of Jove.
The Reality: The webcomic updates on average 1-4 pages a month on its webpage, but patrons will always be a couple of pages ahead - see the Rewards sidebar. No matter whether you choose to pay or not, The Road to Jove will still be released. We're doing it because we want to, because we have a story we want to tell. There's no obligation to pitch in, it's just insanely helpful if you do - and hopefully the Rewards tickle your imagination a little, too. 

Roadies: Roadies are our super-supporters. The rewards for our Roadies will, from now on, come in an email, shortly after payments are through. The Roadie-packs will be different sizes depending on how many pages where released since the last Roadie-pack. So if we released three pages, the Roadie-pack will be substantially larger than if we released just one page that month.
The reason for this change is because we decided to go for quality. We want to give you the best of the best we can give. Since Roadie-packs represent the background work we do for the comic, whether revised pages, conceptart or discussions, the ammount will be different because it grows as the comic grows.

A Note on Physical Copies: Pending reader interest, at the comic's conclusion we'll look into releasing a physical edition for purchase. For now, The Road to Jove is a webcomic.

The comic's main site is, predictably, The Road to Jove

About the Authors:
Aaron Dembski-Bowden
is a New York Times-bestselling novelist that lives (hides) in the green and rainy wilds of rural Northern Ireland.
With more than 40 titles under his belt, his main struggles include reading copious amounts of books, trying to make his gaming table look cooler, and helping people spell his surname.
David Sondered hails from the far north of Scandinavia. Having moved to sub-tropical Belgium, he lives and makes art with his studio partner, their two children, and various pets. His main struggles include cooking japanese food and trying to look suave in any given situation.

Here are some sample panels from the Prologue: In Crow Country:

48% complete
David will do a live painting session once a month, of a RtJ topic.
The session will alway be 1-2 hrs long.
Once the illustration is done, it will be available as a print from our Redbubble store. Roadies will get a monthly discount on all RedBubble prints. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 142 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 142 exclusive posts

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