Roaring Gold

is creating space for Black women to tell our stories
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About Roaring Gold

Why is Roaring Gold on patreon?

Someone told you a story and something became real to you, a truth was illuminated. And maybe when you heard their voice, really heard them, you responded with “thank you.” But Roaring Gold is challenging people to consider what we are thanking them for, what we mean when we say thank you, and how can we make that thanks tangible?

What makes Roaring Gold unique?

We bear the burden of storytelling. The women who write for Roaring Gold are allowing you access to unadulterated truths; the things that are said behind closed doors, the things that are sneered at. They are writing with honesty and bravery and making their demands and letting loose the things bound in their tongues. And this storytelling, they write for the reader to bear witness and hold themselves accountable and ask themselves what part they play in these tales? Roaring Gold asks the listeners of these narratives to value that experience and appreciate the emotional and mental labor of carrying that burden of the stories they tell.     

Why should you want to get involved?

Patreon allows you to pledge your monetary support to help Roaring Gold produce more of the content that you follow us for. Pledging just a few dollars with us allows you to do a little more beyond saying "thank you."

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