is creating a play space for minecraft enthusiasts in the VRC community
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Probably interested in minecraft more than the average human, coming for the sesh
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Mate, I will give you some sneaky gear to get started in the server since you are funding its life quite substantially




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About Roasty

Hey guys, Roastmeal here or as alot of you have taken to calling me, Roasty. And i have a problem. I'm poor and want to bring an idea to fruition.

I just thought I would put up this patreon for anyone who was willing to join me in a little bit of modded minecraft fun within the VRC communities I seem to have found myself so deeply embedded in over the last few months, and of course anyone from the outside world looking for a good sesh.

Of course anyone willing to actually become a patron to the cause and help support a server and its monthly running costs will get some sweet rewards, that we have yet to figure out. Depending on the amount of people we have interested in this we can set up a discord with dedicated voice rooms and bring some in game goodies to the higher tiered sponsors <3

One step at a time though, I am just asking for help on the first months payments and getting everything up and running, then we shall see where we can take this.

Also last but not least, as we dont have a dedicated server quite yet, DM me on discord @insane#9902 and we will see about getting you onto the placeholder server we are currently hosting off my spare computer!
$0 of $40 per month
Like this is literally all I need to have a server hosted that can do everything we want at the given time, if we get any more than this honestly I may have to take the whole idea a little more seriously and actually create something that I can give you guys that is more than a place to build things and meme people.
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