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Welcome to my Aspiring Artist Awards Patreon page! I'm a YouTube violinist and full-time musician, and throughout my whole life, I have been surrounded by family, friends, mentors, and educators who have contributed greatly to my music development. Through my YouTube page, I talk with many viewers who would do anything to start learning music, but do not have the financial means for an instrument or the education. My goal here is to raise funds from patrons like YOU to purchase a violin for those students who demonstrate dedication and love for the instrument, and in turn have them post videos of their receiving the violin for YOU to see how your funds are affecting lives.


For every $500 donated, I will purchase a violin from one of my makers and ship it to a deserving student. If, for the first few months we don't reach $500 a month, those funds will roll over to the next month until the goal is completed, and I will post a video of them receiving the violin at the end of one of my regular music videos.


I will nominate potential Aspiring Artist Award Recipients by posting comments that I see on my YouTube channel. YOU will get to vote by liking the post of the nominee. If you are a $10 a month (or more) Double Voter, comment on the post to be sure your vote is counted twice. Once $500 in funds is reached, I will post the nominees and you will have a week to vote. You may also suggest nominees by posting a screenshot of a YouTuber's comment here in the Patreon page for my consideration. 


Thank you for being a part of my Patreon community and supporting new artists pursue their passion. I can't wait to see your responses to the lives you will be changing!
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Will donate one Rob Landes Violin to deserving Aspiring Artist Award recipient, who will be voted and selected by YOU in this group.
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