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is creating art and activism for a better world
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About Roben White

I am an Artist and an Activist, I practice ARTIVISM !  Using art to Incite and Inspire.
I am Cheyenne/Lakota, Enrolled Oglala Sioux Tribe, Pine Ridge. I am a long time Organizer and Activist working on Native and Indigenous Rights, Human Rights, Environmental Justice, and Labor issues to name a few.
For decades I have been paying for the lions share of the activism I do from my own pocket, and that is not sustainable.  Please I need your financial support to continue my work.
The Universe has apparently decided for me that ARTIVISM will be one of my new avenues for doing my work.  I hope you will join me in my adventures. I hope to let you be part of the artistic process as well as the activist process and perhaps join me if you will in efforts to better humanity.
I have been doing video and audio projects as well as sculpture, acrylics, chalks, pastels and will be expanding into other mediums and techniques as situations dictate. I like to do progressions of how I do the actual art and I have gotten great feedback from it as well as it reminds me how i actually did it. the reminder is really helpful in that i am self taught and have not been an artist for long.
I want you to experience how the activist process works as well. From planning to police is a common theme these days. what does it take to keep an effort alive and moving? What are the good and bad parts? Is there satisfaction and joy, depression, sadness and defeat? Yes to all.
I hope to let YOU, the supporter of my efforts help me develop this site and make it valuable to you personally as well as others.
As far as Patreon goes I want YOU all to be the developers in this process with your financial support, input and some technical help and we will collectively make this a really optimum site.

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