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About Robert Watkin

About Me
Hey, my name is Robert Watkin. You have probably already came from my tutorial channel or maybe even my main (vlog) channel so you may know a bit about who I am. What you probably don't know is my history with YouTube. I have spent over 7 years on YouTube over different channels with different types of content and although my content style has changed, my passion for content creation has never died. I love YouTube as a platform and a community and I would love to be able to call YouTube my career
Why I Opened A Patreon Page?
At the time of writing this, I am currently working a part time job, attending college and trying to run two YouTube channels. As you can probably imagine this is not easy and takes up a lot of time. If enough of you pledge to my patreon page I will possibly be able to quit my job in the future and be able to spend more time creating content and providing better videos for all of you.
Of course I don't expect to be making a lot of money but even a $1-2 donation will be massively helpful and everything that is given will be invested into my content creation. Whether that's better software, equipment or just stuff I need to make the videos.

If you would like to support me on my joerny through content creation then consider pledging to my patreon, I would be unbelievably grateful; if however you simply watch my content then know that this too means an awful lot. Thank You.

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