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You have likely seen my content over the last year or more and have decided that you like not only the improved audio and video steps taken, but commentary changes too.

  • My Gratitude!
  • A personal shoutout in my videos!
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This is the "I like your sh*t" donation level. You like what I am doing and want me to know.
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Future game trailers will have custom music and you'll get it for free with this support level.
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I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of those who have made it this far and to all of those who go a bit further and donate to my Patreon. It means the world to me that I am able to do something that I enjoy and it happens to be something you can enjoy too!

What is this all about? Well, first off, my name is Todd. I want to create entertaining gaming content for all to see. Reviews, playthroughs, and trailers. Trailers are new for me and something I want to grow into for quite some time by offering my time to help advertise growing indie-game developers.

I am here because quite frankly I need help and support from friends, family, and fans. To bring the cutting edge quality content is expensive and though I already work full-time I can only spend so much money on my hobby (even though I like to do so much)! For instance, the next big step I'd like to do is step up to full 2K content with intermittent 4K content. To do this means having a powerful PC both in terms of hardware and software. I'm getting there but it is a slow battle that I can really need help with.

The value you bring as a patron is seen in the rewards section but it cannot be emphasized enough that as a contributor you are helping me make content. You are apart of the process. You are making this happen! Thank you once again for your support!

  • At $20/month a private Patron-only whitelisted Minecraft server is created (super excited about this).
  • NAS
  • Better GPU
  • Photo editing software for my wife (she is coming onboard as principle artist and designer).
  • More rewards for supporters - Shirts, hats, wristbands, meet-ups, etc.
  • More to come!
$0 of $10 per month
At $10 a month I'll be able to support more indie gaming developers by not only purchasing their games but reviewing and playing their game for all to see as well. More steps will be made towards offering my time to help create custom videogame trailers for developers.
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