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About Rochelle Lisa

I play a small ancient looking Euro- Celtic harp and sing. The sound is rich, resonant and flowing. I have a portable amp and have performed at various events and venues public and private. I am open to unique celebrations and creative efforts. My repertoire includes Celtic, lite classical, contemporary and world music. New projects include fusion concepts in Indian music and song performance that take the listeners on a journey within the sound textures in a unique and delicate blend of styles.

Find me on Facebook @ Email me at [email protected] Call text or video call me at 917-803-0367. I'm on whatsapp and imo.

There is an interest in what I'm doing but constant development is necessary. Massive time and energy goes into every project fine tuning every note and nuance.  

At this time I am focusing on live performances which can take place in a variety of situations including a home, office concert or special event. The effect of the ethereal sounds is often calming yet energizing and revitalizing, sometimes romantic and dreamy. Very often dreamy actually. It takes the mind and heart on a journey into a sort of Nirvana if I can use that word. 
But there is so much more......

And yes it takes financial support in the form of donations and the awesome platform given here on Patreon.

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