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About Rockanddoll

Hi my dear friend!

Welcome to RockandDoll Patreon page! My name is Christina, I'm a Doll artist and a big tattoo fan based in St. Petersburg (Russia). As I can remember, I have always drawn. And I paid special attention to the image of the faces. Eyes and faces are the most inspiring for me! Speaking about the beginning of the RockandDoll project, it happened by chance. I didn’t expect that it will become such important part of my life and source of income. I was just looking for idea, I was full of creative energy, but I didn’t know what to do exactly. I started writing down things I love. Tattoos and the images of the faces came first. It was boring for me to draw ordinary paper portraits, I was searching for something unusual and extraordinary. Suddenly I had an idea of rag doll. Rag is fantastic, pillowy and handy material. I made my first doll just for fun, but then I realized that I liked this activity. I sewed more and more and couldn’t stop. Painting has been a huge part of my life and I hope that I can inspire, help and share my experience through Patreon.

What I offer

My goal is to share my knowledge and inspire my supporters and make the learning and inspiration process as easy and fun as possible. So if you decide to become my supporter you get following rewards: 
At least 1-3 exclusive painting videos every week, some exclusive inspiring videos and photos of doll making and livestreams -  so you will get the opportunity to be the only spectators of my work and see the process of work and daily life of the workshop in real time.
All video and photo materials are available only for patrons! You can always support my creativity and the whole life's business with any amount of money, even if it's 1 dollar monthly (or any amount which you think will be fair price for all these information and emotions)  - I'll be happy to feel your support and will know what I'm doing is inspires you and helps to start creating=)

Also I have another cool and cheerful offer for you - I know that everyone loves surprises and so I really want to do surprises for you! Paying only $80 once you can get your secret bearded man. His appearance will be for you an absolute surprise, but I can guarantee that he will be ultra fashionable and super cute and you will definitely love him. The growth of the secret bearded man is about 30 cm and the production period is 1-2 weeks after payment.

Remember that with your support, I'll be able to generate more art and learning resources. You are my main people and I’m working for your enjoyment.


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"When I reach just 50 patrons, I’ll create a Kurt Cobain little textile doll and show here all making process step by step (including doll face painting)”
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