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Hey hey!  My name is Luke.  For the past couple years I have been making videos about music on YouTube.  That led to working for several sites online, with publicists, band managers, radio stations (and artists themselves) to show you that rock isn't dead.

Along with album reviews on YouTube, I create Top 10 lists, videos like "Regretting The Past" where I look back at successful albums and speak about how bad they really were and also "All Time Favorites" where I talk about some of my personal favorite albums. I have many backstage interviews, a ton of live concert photography, and more speech bubbles than are probably necessary.

So why Patreon?

To be honest, ad revenue on YouTube doesn't add up to much.  Unless I really REALLY get that mainstream attention, this can't be something I do full-time until I really start turning a decent profit from it.  I love this to death and will continue to do it, but this is all out of pocket right now.  Patrons would help me out more than you can possibly imagine.  Even if it's just $1 per month, that money will go to good use for Rocked.

If you become my Patron, you will get something out of it no matter what!

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Photo Print Giveaways

If we get to this goal, I'll start doing monthly print giveaways from my photography collection.  Almost every band and artist from every concert and festival I've shot is available to choose from with a few exceptions.  I'll post a selection each month and one winner can choose which print they want and I'll send it to them.
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