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About Rock 'n' Road

(This video has nothing to do with my Patreon campaign as I've not made one yet. It's merely here to show you my personality and hopefully put a smile on your face!)


My name is Aaron and welcome.

I produce content for my website which document travels of myself and others.

Most of my working life has been around the British Army with various deployments to war zones around the globe. After returning from my last operational tour in Afghanistan I decided to travel around the world again but on a motorbike. I set off solo and travelled through 29 countries across 4 continents lasting 505 days before my coming back home to England. 

Since my return I have been trying to develop this blog into something more than a diary of my travels. I am currently changing my lifestyle and trying to create a living doing what I love. 

I want to take the website further and this is what I'll use the money for.

  • Hosting. The website requires hosting fees every month just to stay active. Plus my Mail Chimp account which is used for sending email updates increases in price the more subscribers that join.
  • Better camera gear. There's only so far one can go with a mobile phone and a GoPro. It's time to invest as I want to eventually make short travel films.  
  • Writing lessons. I would like in the future to take a few writing workshops to improve my grammar for the more professional jobs that I receive. Now I wish I payed more attention at school.
  • Bringing the community together. The 'adventure' community is quite a niche demographic and one that I love sinking my teeth into. I plan to start sharing other peoples stories through informal interview style blogs/vlogs.
  • Tea!! This is very important. I'm English and drink a lot of tea. When I'm working trying to edit and write, tea is my friend.

Other future plans...

  • A book. In 2016 I set off around the world solo on a motorbike. On a very limited budget I spent 505 days and travelled through 29 countries across four continents. As an Army veteran I was battling some inner demons from my last operational tour and this was my therapy. I feel I have a story to share and would love to get this journey into a book.
  • YouTube. Video is king. I would love to get my previous content made into short travel videos. This requires an editor to help and time equals money.
  • Professional website help. At the moment the website is OK but as it expands I will need to eventually get the professionals in.

Simply put... I want to produce more content but am hugely held back by financial and time constraints.

So I think that's most things covered. If you're feeling generous and would love to see these plans come to fruition then please do pledge. Much appreciated. 



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I can start work on the book for the round the world motorbike journey. 
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