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is creating a monthly webcomic, Gravston
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About James Roy

So what is Gravston about?

Three years ago,Samuel Mortimer discovered that he was the Death Host, born to act as death itself.
It is now his duty to fight and destroy any Demons, creatures who violate the laws of life and death by combining their bodies and souls, that come his way.
And strangely... they seem to come his way alot. As time passes, we learn that Samuel isn't the only person with strange and magical abilities, and that perhaps there's more to his home town than we thought. Will Samuel and his friends discover the mystery behind Gravston?

I started Gravston in 2010 and have been working on it solidly ever since. I update with a full chapter monthly and strongly believe in creating a character driven plot that keeps an audience engaged. Gravston is a huge part of my life and I love working on it. 

All the money pledged here will be put straight back into Gravston. This will involve paying for materials that I require to create the comic. I work primarily in traditional materials (pen and paper) and use programs such as Photoshop and MangaStudio to add clean, tone and letter my comic. Any donations I receive will be more than appreciated.

You can read Gravston on it's own website, Gravston.com!

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If we hit $50 a month, I will create a full colour version of the first chapter. 
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