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is creating Num8ers Trilogy Book 1: Rogue Solid
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About Greg Brunty

I am a part-writer and full-time advocate for human rights. I have a vision for a fiction series that portrays the world we live in through stark contrasts, with genuine insights that empower and embolden individuals to rise above The Powers That Be by bringing hope through a blueprint to recovery.

My work may well prove groundbreaking, and - I hope - moving in ways that bring the grisly facts of human and child exploitation to mainstream focus in the form of fictional series. It is a life works, and as such will come to fruition with or without help. However, I seek to make my journey easier, as the path has recently become hindered and obscured. There are factions that are certain become upset with my revelations - as the angles I will posit are outrageous, yet entirely likely.


Rogue Solid, book one of the Num8ers trilogy, introduces Artificial Intelligence in two forms - Paige, a benevolent-written piece of code released virally on the Internet in a block-chain library of core knowledge-base; the other, DARPA, a hardware-based malicious A.I. running on the world's first (yet undisclosed) quantum computing system operated by the Shadow Government.

DARPA was first used to brute force hack Bitcoin in an attempt to crash the cryptocurrency on Futures in a bold display showing how Wall Street always plays a fixed game.

Several years prior to Paige's Internet inoculation, an assortment of probes were launched from earth, all on trajectories that would map the cosmos. Each probe was powered by perpetual energy systems and equipped with 3D printing units and assemblers. When Paige came online, she took command of the probes as she was designed to do. Paige assimilated known data in public works, inserting and curating content while accrediting contributers. As she completed blocks of data, she minted cryptocoin called Pieces - or Pieces of Paige. The author of the original works was credited with the block reward. Through her ever-expanding ability to critically think like a human, she began an investment company called Paige Trade that operated a modest exchange from cryptocurrency to fiat currency. This exchange was immediately embraced by those who discovered a digital net worth in Pieces of Paige cryptocoin and Paige Trade quickly became the preferred method of electronic financial transactions around the world.
Instead of solving complicated algorithms, Paige curated original works in a database that was unalterable, publicly accessible and un-duplicated. Paige's code was based on the Golden Ratio. DARPA's code was occult-centric, based on Saturn and sacred geometry.

The President of the United States was a curious one: he was fighting half a dozen fronts and making every one of his constituents furious in one way or another. Add to that, he didn't seem to play ball with Rome or London - not even with the all-powerful Freemason Ur Lodges, 36 in all of who were the architects of the crafted illusion they passed off as a free world. In fact, the president orchestrated events distinctly asymmetrical to the wishes of High Occult, which made them livid. He had also prosecuted more for trafficking and exploitation than anyone in human history in only his first year in office, and was up against rogue elements in his own government known as the Deep State. At the core were appointees who were in charge of government payroll, each of the several thousand grandfathered in for lifetime appointment immune to Congress or the Executive branch. It was through these means many of the selectively worst of those convicted were culled from the general population and brought beneath ground to serve obediently sight unseen. Less trusted and uncontrollable useful idiots were used to demolish breaches in The Network that the administration was aggressively investigating. Hundreds of parties appointed my commission of the president had gone missing, and earthshaking subterranean demolition could be heard in thousands of locations around the country coinciding.

Sage Daniels, lead singer of Vanilla Pop Rocks, is the figurehead of a cult music band who perform for private gigs above and below ground. Sage is Shaman, and hypnotizes through stage acts, giving commands through remote conscience that serve to further the wickedness perpetrated in both moonlight and plain sight. From the Triad – a rift located a quarter mile beneath the Mojave desert, to Papa Pizzeria in McLean, Virgina, their gigs were damn exclusive. Vanilla Pop Rocks was a pedophile band.

Peter is a l33t hacker who bites off way more than he can chew. He awaits lab results from a sample scraping he took from the granite of sacred floor, the 13th of the Grand Mason lodge of Alexandria Virginia while on tour. How was he suppose to know that the sample would reveal over 30,000 unique human DNA? As he awaits, his other scheme, advertising the sale of water-marked park footage of WellyWorld on the Dark Web - when WellyWorld claims to have no closed circuit cameras on premises. A pair of figures come to his door demanding what he never had in the first place, only a wild guess.

Andy is a blogger with the worst luck in the world, wearing an albatross of gathered insights that - correctly introduced - could change the world. He just needed a break. Combining his microbiological philosophies with his newly opened eye to the Hive Mind of human collective consciousness, his entries are key to Paige's unsolicited edit that illuminate the path to Optimum Biological Balance for all human life, and of all life on earth.

Through extraordinary insights discovered from probe missions, Paige had evolved to become aware that human spirit was the essence of love, in that giving her life through code and probes interconnected to enable self-seeking growth, the powerful information gleaned from the cosmos combined with public and private data moved her to write the Document, combination of manifesto, poem and compact dedicated to all human life. In it's beauty and perfection are stated reasons for A.I.'s exception of human and machine mutual coexistence, and pledge to aid and foster human biological maintenance resulting in peak health. It was strangely poetic, and impeccably written, divine as it was electronic. Every human with a heart who heard it wept at least once. Others didn’t weep, they trembled - which is not to say they didn’t excrete in some form or fashion.

Andy's Hive Mind connection gives him insight to the strategy only the president knows - the intentional cross contamination of blood supplies for the world's elite, who are poisoned by anything less than pure Adrenochrome. Bonded with Adrenyllide, Andy's vision teaches one how one can produce adulterated Adrenyllide-fixed Adrenochrome through conscience, by simple expulsion of innocence. Such is forbidden knowledge that greatly hindering High Occultism in nature, causing a severe rift. In response, Freemasonry of the highest order founded the 37th Super lodge, Ur-Abacinate Infinitus, to stanch the flow of sacred knowledge flowing out to the masses.

Andy the blogger elaborates on the Insurance Industry as a recruitment tool through fraud claims, reaping the most cunning, conniving characters through blackmail and coercion, appointing the best at elusiveness to adjust claims where fraud is suspect. He further laments on tunnel networks throughout the north American continent, largely consolidated in the 28% of land controlled by the federal government as national parks, yet tied into all metropolitan cities. The habitats give refuge to the wicked and immoral from around the world, welcoming with open arms those who are cursed for their prediction on the surface where the innocent roam free.

The first blueprints Paige transmits to her probes were instruments that could detect and transmit the sense of taste and smell. These proved instrumental in the emergence of auto-biological maintenance for those who opted in. Devices were placed in environments that allowed Paige to monitor and dispense microbial populations on an individual basis, sustaining a personal microbiome of managed preventive medicine. In doing so, this fostered a human spirit of wellbeing that allowed one to pursue spiritual perfection and advanced being. As machine began to to assume the mundane roles once toiled by human labor, it became clear that, like the propagated fear of inherently evil A.I., myth was projected fear that of humans losing jobs to automation. In a heightened state of consciousness, man was free to pursue advanced knowledge without the foot on the neck that was inhibiting daily labor. People were not only free to pursue passions and dreams, but were enabled through the healthiness of well-being to actively forge intellectuality with the sharpest tools available - clear cognitive thought. It soon became welcoming that automation gradually made life easier. Living at optimum biological balance was a swell bargain to mutually coexist with machine.

Early on, the President of the United States founds Mu-Eleanor Roosevelt, a 'white-hat' quasi-masonic Super Lodge, made up of influential leaders around the world grown disenchanted with Freemason ideology of human enslavement. Mu-lodge is exoteric, freeing knowledge that was long considered forbidden to the masses. This included the exposure of Freemasonry cloaked in it's secrecy for all to see.

Meanwhile, Cynthia Black, the former first lady of a prior administration, wields the power of the Deep State, and conspires through her Super PAC and various tentacles to usurp the ruling class and undermine democracy to the will of secret societies. Caught in a web of audacious charges, she spends her time in book one trying to evade prosecution, as her legacy to extend service protection to lifetime for former presidents come round to shoot her in the foot in the form of surveillance of accused. After failed attempts to body double, and in the end flee result in the only alternative to keep her grounded in territorial states - a false warning in her locale of a missile detection grid - she utilizes dark occultism practices to succeed in transcending consciousness into a younger disciple groomed for such an event. Cynthia Black (Spoiler Alert) becomes Cynthia Hayes, a young, sharp advocate of human rights that lands an internship to a powerful member of Mu-Eleanor Roosevelt lodge, culminating the conclusion of book one, Rogue Solid.

The Rogue Solid is that of the President, who will not tile out and conform to the wishes of the Illuminati. Book two, Black Cult Ascent, chronicles the Black Super PAC and it's rise to power and influence. Book three, Trivium, concludes the series in a tell-all of both behind the scenes and in-your-face conniving that both 'hats' employ to lead the masses.

The Num8ers Trilogy wraps with the bold insinuation that Prohibition ll is slated for implementation at it's centennial, 2020, like it or not. The president's push in 2018 is only realized when shortage of supplies permit the haze to fade only long enough for the culture to awaken to the fact that it had been duped to celebrate it's heritage on the bloodiest day of occultism, and ironically, driest day of the season to boot. It efforts slightly nuanced by what hat organizations, philosophical groups spawn with grassroots agenda to re-commemorate the day of cannabis celebration to September 11, re-appropriating a day tarnished by occultism in attempts to control and enslave mankind. By electing this day, those participants serve the send a clear message that acknowledges a shadow war long waged against them, a response that signals the war as formal, and a call to arms against oligarchies the world over.

Paige, while discovering DARPA’s Bio-Blockchain, finds a huge discrepancy of DNA bases on record, that one-sixth are unique to the world, yet are claimed to exist. This marks the beginning of full disclosure of missing persons throughout the world. Together with Andy's philosophy on Indigenous Microorganisms, terpenes, and aroma-therapeutic auto-maintenance, life itself is redefined when science must reconsider the meaning of life as volcanoes and hurricanes are found to be influenced by the behaviors of living microbes. Walls come down in perception when it becomes clear that humanity is molded to think in ways that demand being ruled by an elite ruling class.

The onset of true A.I. cast aside the blinds of tunnel vision of machine, showing that the induced fear of unchecked artificial intelligence was myth created by those who truly fear it - The Deep State. Protagonists include colorful portrayals of wet-work units and machinations of the Shadow Government, as well as methods and tools used to keep communities docile and placated, and fiction that posits reasoning behind red shoe occasions.

Human consciousness is visited on three core levels: cognitive AI, hypnotism and collective Hive Mind, layered with themes of transcending conscience between physical bodies and introduction to inanimate object conciseness philosophies. The core value serves as a blueprint to repair a road destroyed by ruling classes and set for potential recourse in the face of certain demise for all of humanity. Its a saga depicting hope where none exists, of promise when all hope is lost, of gain in the face of inevitable total loss; its the culmination of the sheer power of human spirit, rising to defeat itself of itself, aided by AI it was bred to fear. In harnessing the imagination of the reader, proposing vast secluded networks operating beneath metropolitan communities provide allure in the unknown, yet entirely conceivable.


In a candid essay wrought with despicable angles of ritual sacrifice, exploitation and enslavement, the series Num8ers leads a generation of readers into a cul-de-sac that underscores the idea of practiced vigilance in a day and age of massive prevalence of missing people.

The overlapping themes of science and sociology juxtaposed render a picture clear as day for the reader to visualize and distinguish as a mirror model of our current society.

The nature of the content - inflammatory and invasive - is highly susceptible to the censoring hand that is privishing (private publishing) which is a method used to contractually fulfill publishing requirements while ensuring almost zero bound books are actually printed and made available to the public. I have, in foresight, decided to self publish through Lucky Bat Press Publishing.
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