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About Roll 4 Initiative

Hi! We’re Ryan and Dawn. And we’re geeks!

We make videos about gaming - tabletop RPGs, board games, and video games - along with videos following our other geeky interests and adventures.

Patreon is a great addition to what we’ve been doing since 2013. This campaign doesn’t change what we’ve been doing. We’ll keep releasing our videos on YouTube. It will makes things a lot more exciting.

By becoming a Patron, you allow us be able to make even more videos to share at a higher quality. We will be able to purchase more games and products to review, invest in equipment to improve our videos, plus we will be able to dedicate more time to making things for you folks to enjoy. 

And you get access to some great rewards.

So how does it work?
If you like our work and want to help us out, select how much you want to pledge per month and select an awesome perk.

We want to say thanks to all of our Patrons and fans, and we are thrilled to have you join our exciting campaign.

Alright, let’s Roll 4 Initiative!

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