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Salvete, fellow Romans.

My name is Eric TenWolde. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by history, in particular the history of war. Out of the myriad of armies and periods, however, those of ancient Rome struck me as the most interesting, and telling the story of Rome's soldiers has become a great passion of mine. To that end, I made this Instagram page, not just of the ancient Romans but also the medieval "Byzantine" Empire as well.

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Over the years the amount of people following my account has grown well and steadily, and I have expanded my work to collaborate with content creators outside of Instagram as well. My purpose is, at face value, rather simple: to tell the story of Rome's wars, and both of her armies and those of her foes. However, I want to do so without the modern myths and romanticism that are stuck in the minds of many, and instead I want to present this issue on its own terms and through clear facts.

I have always considered Rome as a period that is well known, but not well understood. That is to say, you would be hard pressed to find someone who does not know of the old Roman Empire. But numerous misconceptions and falsities of the Romans have risen over time, and who the Romans were and also what their army was like is actually poorly understood by many. The Romans' legacy is a great one, and they deserve to be remembered on their own terms, as who they were and what they actually did.

This extends to Rome's vast and colorful list of enemies. In many circles it is seen as fanciful to root for these enemies, for one reason or another, to the point where heavily exaggerated images of them influence many people, who feel free to judge the past using our modern morals. However, just as with the Romans, these enemies deserve to be properly studied and understood, and we should not allow our emotions to cloud our judgement.

I created this Patreon as an opportunity for my readers to support my page. For quite some time I have been putting out posts twice a day, including several posts connected to longer narratives such as my series on the Battle of Philippi. While it costs nothing to release and read these posts, making them is a different story. I keep my page and its content to a high standard, relying on primary and secondary literature, and obtaining these various books costs money, just as writing itself takes time.

If you, like me, have a desire to see this account continue to grow and educate people, and to see not just Roman history but ancient history told in its proper form, please consider donating here to fund the creation of future content and help me out in general. It is my hope that people can see this account as a genuine source of information - and you can help get us there!

Roma Aeterna Est!
$25 of $50 per month
This is the first goal for the page, which will allow for the purchase of more rare and expensive publications.
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