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About Ronnie Kohrt

I want to share a quick story. My name is Ronnie Kohrt and I'm the creator of MTGCorner.Com

I had a really empty and hollow part of my life in high school. It was uneventful with few friends and very little money. It was then where I first encountered the game of Magic: the Gathering. I took interest and it intrigued me, but I never fully leapt into it for whatever the reason.

After moving across the country for my career after college, this hollow empty feeling began to return. I knew I needed to do something to remain active or put myself out there and I desired this outlet to connect with individuals through something that connected people in a unique way. I turned to several things like bowling leagues, poker nights and more. It just never felt right though.

After watching some co-workers get into Magic, I joined them wondering if this game would provide that. That release from life while connecting me to new friends through gameplay, art, strategy and just freaking having fun.

After diving in, it was clear. I was hooked. The artistry is tremendous, the strategy cannot be replicated and the community is why I love Magic. Each individual from local grinders at your local "LGS" (Local Game Store) to casual players with your favorite beverage and pizza on a Saturday night, to competitive players who spend hours honing their craft online and travelling to large events. Everyone connected through cards and gameplay of the best TCG in the world. You are all cherished greatly.

Now five years later with a far better mental mindset and mission to help bring this game to others who may have dealt with the same things I dealt with. On Christmas weekend of '18, I gave myself a present and launched MTGCorner.Com, a slick (humble brag) website to discuss and more importantly, celebrate Magic: the Gathering.

It was a long dream of mine to become a content creator and share the game of Magic that I love so much with others. I've certainly had to eat costs to launch the site and I've lost plenty of hours of sleep, but boy it is worth it. 

To have new players message me with a simple thank you for an article. To see some of the best players around the world share our articles about X's and O's. To see the appreciation of artists that we write articles for, because we appreciate them. It's all very fulfilling and rewarding to me and I'm so very thankful, to the readers and my team. Gosh my team, they are amazing in every way and help put the vision to reality.

Now that we've established a solid foundation -- in my entrepreneurial ways -- I'm always looking to push forward and better improve the website and experience and through this website and your contributions, we'll continue that and take it to great heights.

Ok, now on to the template stuff. 

- Ronnie Kohrt

Our Mission:

MTGCorner.Com, a website dedicated to celebrating and discussing Magic: the Gathering.

At MTGCorner.Com, we write, stream, podcast and provides MTG content in just about any topic or format to you. We're not a massive warehouse to sell cards. We provide content and opinions.

From X's and O's to deck breakdowns, the latest following a major tournament or ban list talk, you can find it at MTGCorner.Com. Personal interviews with some of the best players across the country, to cosplay players who bring MTG to life ... literally.

Thank you so very much for visiting our page and if you contribute to us, please reach out on Twitter so I can personally thank you. @RonnieKRadio. You have no idea how much it means to my team and I.

You can follow MTGCorner.Com on Twitter @MTG_Corner
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There is general upkeep, tending and costs to the site that are being eaten by us, all to provide a better MTG experience for you. We also have plans to intregrate more video and a potential mobile app down the road. I wish it was free, because it would've been created by now. But funding is needed, which is where Patreon comes in, to help aid in this to continue to provide the best MTG content possible for you. 
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