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Austin, TX – Monday, November 11, 2013 – Rooster Teeth Productions is proud to announce that they have reached and exceeded their goal for the annual Extra Life fundraising event, a 24-hour video game marathon to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. With the help and support of Rooster Teeth’s staff and worldwide fan community, Rooster Teeth was named the top fundraising team, gathering roughly $180,000 in donations during the 24-hour event. In addition, the Rooster Teeth team sold 15,000 limited edition Achievement Hunter posters, helping to increase total contributions to over $340,000. 

Rooster Teeth has always been providing you with quality entertainment such as our hit shows Red vs Blue , lets play , achievement hunter and immersion. Our recent show such as Lazer Team require lots of resources and equipment but the community came through and donated enough for that project to succeed and become a hit show. With the recent passing of our friend and member of the Roosterteeth family Monty oum we are left with his creation RWBY which we will need funding for the production of such a masterpiece all funding will go to providing you with shows such as better Red vs Blue and the Production of RWBY 

Thank you Roosterteeth community for taking the time to help our ever growing family make quality entertainment  for you to enjoy
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RWBY season 3 might be in consideration if we can reach our goal and bring you the continuation of ruby rose journey through the world of Remnant and discover the mystery surround her past but it is only possible with your help to unlock the mystery help us achieve season 3 and make it a reality
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