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Gratitude and love from me to you! Plus warm fuzzy feeling for knowing you're supporting a queer and trans comic artist.
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Exclusive regular updates in my patreon blog of my progress on comic that I'm working on, lil sketches, and rambling thoughts about things that are going on in my creative world, plus 20% off in my etsy store
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Download PDFs of the first three issues of Family Portraits - fresh off the press from 2014, plus super secret access to my process in creating the next issue of Family Portraits, sneak peeks and opportunity to download the next issue before anyone else can get their mits on it, plus 20% off in my etsy store




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About Sam Orchard

In 2010 I started a comic called Rooster Tails; it's an autobio webcomic about my life, as a queer transguy, and the things I get up to living in Auckland (New Zealand) with my genderqueer partner and our cat.

I started drawing these comics because when I looked for stories about queer trans guys, I couldn't find any, and that was sad. Well - y'know - there was Boys Don't Cry, but sheesh, that's not really a great movie to watch when you're looking for something that celebrates trans-ness. So I started drawing my own comics.

A lot of the stories in the media show trans people in a really narrow way - stories about how scandalous and freaky it is, stories that often only talk about a "wrong body" narrative (which is a fine enough narrative, but it's not my experience of my body), and stories that concentrate on pain and isolation. My comic doesn't do that. I tell stories about my life, and share my experiences transitioning, being a nerd, the fun stuff, and some of the hard stuff too.

I've recently begun a comic series called "Family Portraits" where I explore and celebrate other people's stories of being Queer, Trans and other letters in the non-straight/non-cisgender world. I have released the first three issues of these comics, and y'all should read them. Part of my reason for setting up this patreon is to have more time/money that I can devote to making more of these comics. So, supporting this patreon will help make sure both Rooster Tails and Family Portraits continue!

If you’re having trouble with the patreon site and don’t know how to sign up –checkout this little PDF I created.

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