is creating Youtube videos and drawings
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thanks for donating my dude
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  • ask for a non colored sketch (no sexual content or color
  • no double characters
  • it will be done when i get to it
  • shoutout on youtube
cooler then sonic
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  • non colored image (no sexual content)
  • no more then one character in one image
  • will get done within two days
  • shoutout on youtube
Thank you senpai
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  • colored image (no sexual content
  • no more then two characters
  • will be done within the day
  • shoutout on youtube




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About RoseGard

Hey i am just a dude who likes to draw and play games for youtube check me out on devianart i plan to draw for money also feel free to donate as well it will go towards purchasing stuff for youtube 
$0 of $70 per null
this will help purchase a game for the channel
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