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is creating scifi-inspired sonnets and poetry lessons
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About Rose Jermusyk

Hullo, Neighbor.

Do you like to read, maybe write? Well, I like to write, and even teach a bit about writing/world-building/making things without making yourself insane.

Do you like fairy tales, science fiction, essays, poetry, and or Bill Murray? Well that pretty much covers everything I make, it's all poetry in my eyes and it's all rooted in traditional storytelling and I grew up under a rock shaped like Bill Murray (not married to a fictitious someone my family named Sven).

Do you subscribe to Hulu or Amazon or a grocery service or some sort of book-crate thing? Because that's basically how this Patreon thing works: as a patron you are subscribing to access special content (or special editions of content) that I don't make available to everyone (and I am a huge fan of making as much available as possible).

That's actually why I'm here. Writing takes a lot of time and tech-needs require a little money, and Patreon makes it easy for readers like you to help ensure that the writing gets done and published.

A writer's gotta write, and — who knows — maybe we'll work our way up to me writing full-time and you never running out of things to read.

Because that's the worst, right? Reading everything by a writer you love and then having to wait for the next thing.

So become a patron, and let's get to kicking all that pesky waiting to the curb.

Very Official Writer-Bio

Rose Jermusyk is a singer-storyteller, philosopher-poet, and obsessive-compulsive dynamo currently putting together graduate school applications. Rose is a contributing writer for EAP: The Magazine who has published several of neighbors wonder tales. Rose lives in Providence, RI and is looking west.

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