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Sapling Tier 🌱

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per Video Illustration Package! (1-2 per month)
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Discord Community: Join in on the extended community. Share your art, get critique and feedback. A place to make new friends and level up together!

WIP feed: A behind the scenes look at the creation. I'll be uploading progress shots and upcoming Illustrations!

Livestreams: I plan to develop and do a livestream each month!

Includes Discord benefits

Bloom Tier 🌼

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per Video Illustration Package! (1-2 per month)
*previously Lunch Tier

Final Illustration + Variants: See the final piece and all its variants! I sometimes make different editions and versions to compliment the scenario.

Hi-Res Progress Photos: See in detail the progression of how the Final Illustration was made!

Event Gifts: Occasionally we'll have events and I'll send patrons mystery merchandise as a thank you!

Polls: Get access to vote on upcoming videos! I love seeing what characters and subjects you think I should draw and make episodes about.

  • Discord Benefits
  • WIP Feed
  • Final Illustrations
  • Hi-Res Progress Shots
  • Access to Character Polls!
Includes Discord benefits

Lotus Tier 🌸

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per Video Illustration Package! (1-2 per month)
*previously Dinner Tier

Classic Timelapse Video!: A simple, straight forward video process on the piece i've made. They are generally paired with music and sped up 150-200%

10% Discount Code: You get a discount from my Online Shop and Tutorial Store!

  • Discord Benefits
  • Event Gifts
  • WIP feed
  • Final Illustrations
  • Hi-Res Progress Shots
  • Access to Polls
  • Classic Timelapse Videos!
  • 10% Discount Code

Includes Discord benefits



About Rossdraws ✦

Hey there! My name is Ross, AKA RossDraws. I love creating art, worlds, and teaching others. Although my main platform is YouTube to have fun while drawing, Patreon is a place where I go in-depth with my process and share techniques. Here you can see real-time video demos, see my PSD layers, get hi-res images of my work, etc.

Aside from getting good at art, the most important thing is your JOURNEY. People easily forget artists are human and the more in touch with your art and soul you are, the better. I've learned a lot throughout my life and love helping out aspiring artists become the best creator they can be!

The Hideout is our Art Video-Demo Podcast show only available through Patreon! These video sessions take you through an expanded process of how I bring my Illustrations to life through problem solving, painting techniques and creative thinking. We also discuss the Industry, Art Business, Art School and everything essential to making it as a creator. We even answer your questions and give you an early look into future content! Special Guests will stop by occasionally as well!

We have an active Discord community that is officially verified! Which means we can have faster servers and perks Come join

Thanks to all of you amazing souls who have joined the adventure with us on Patreon! I get to create super fun, educational, energy-infused Art Videos and it's all thanks to you! I'm so honored to have many of you be part of the epic journey and this is only the beginning.

-Ross + Milo

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