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Hello everyone Royal Fox here!

Why am I on Patreon?
As a hard working single mom,  Patreon would help be able to dedicate more time into being able to make and build more costumes for me and my daughter. I do buy most of the materials from using the money I earn from work, however because most of my money goes to bills it takes time to start a new project. I am somewhat a perfectionist and look for materials that would be accurate and make the costumes feel real which can be pricey. A costume, depending on the detail, can take a couple of weeks to months to complete. With your support I will be able to continue my work and record my progress.

Perks of becoming a patron!
The perks of being a patron is getting the first look on my work in progress, tutorials, tips, guides and photo-shoots first all which will only be available if you become a patron. In time more perks will be added.  You can choose the tier you would like to participate in on the right. 
* All my finished work will be posted on my social media accounts. My patreon is for those who wish to support me and get extra exclusive perks.

Background story: 
I made my first cosplay, with my fathers help, when I was in middle school as a 8th grader. My first cosplay was Link from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Unfortunately I cant find any photos of me in my costume so I am sorry. In this time I did not know about cosplay conventions or that they existed. I was the geeky one in my group of friends who was quiet and would draw all the time. It was shortly after the costume was made that I googled Link costume and I discovered the word cosplay. I saw that there were thousands of cosplayers and there were conventions that people would attend. I never was able to attend a convention because I was so busy. In the beginning of high school my father started taking me and my sister to Renaissance Faire as a yearly event. I fell in love with Renaissance Faire. We would purchase garb and make our own costumes. As the years went by I wanted to make my own costumes because I wanted stand out. That way if people asked where I purchased my garb I would simply say I made it. Little by little I would purchase tools needed to make costumes but I never really would begin my costumes. I would make some parts and purchase others. I have always had a busy life, with dance practice, school and work I would sometimes only get a couple hours of sleep. So fast forward a few years I no longer dance and I was pregnant with my beautiful daughter. My fiance decided he did not want to be in our lives anymore and disappeared never to be found again. I worried if I would be able to make it as a single mom, with no child support to help me give my daughter the life she wants and give her what she needed. One thing I knew for sure is that after she was born I would make mommy daughter costumes and clothes. Finally the day arrived and my beautiful daughter Galadriel became my inspiration to work harder and make our lives fun and adventurous. She is my light for me in dark places, when all other lights go out. Since her birth I have worked hard to buy tools I need for sewing and have practiced by making dresses and our costumes for Renaissance Faire last year. My goal is to get better and make amazing cosplays for me and my daughter. Make that Cute and Epic Mommy and Daughter duo. I would love to share my experiences and work with all of you. 
$0 of $200 per month
With $200 dollars a month I will be able to save up and buy better filming equipment , a vlogging camera for conventions, lighting and materials for cosplays. 
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