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Hello, My name is Larissa! I'm an artist and designer currently living in San Diego, CA with my husband and cat Momo. I love to explore all forms of art and firmly believe the more you learn the better you get. I apply this work aesthetic to my own business, Royally Divine, as well as any future business endeavors. I look forward to sharing color and my unique ideas with the rest of the world. I love to create illustrations, apparel, costumes, plushies, accessories, pins, prints, and more! I'm also on YouTube showing DIY's, VLOG's, Cosplay, and other fun stuff! I also cosplay and love to go to conventions. I'm passionate creating and would love to make even more!

Everything to this point has been out of pocket. Doing my style of art is very time consuming. For example making a plushie. I render/sketch what I think it would look like, make a pattern from scratch, test fabrics, make a mock up, then once it's perfected; I make each and everyone myself. But now with Patreon you can become an active supporter of my art and YouTube! With Patreon I'm hoping to get outside source help to invest in my art.

All donations will go into better equipment to make even better YouTube videos aswell as help fund more materials to help my art and product grow for Royally Divine. Funding will also go into conventions, art shows, and gallery shows. Initial cost to even sign up or even be apart of a show is really pricey these days, so this will help me be able to get out there and do more shows! I'm hoping one day my art will be my full time job, and I appreciate all the support & encouragement you give. Also Patron or not I do appreciate each view, like, share, and comment! 

Royally Divine was created in 2008 by Larissa "Para" Galarza. The name Royally Divine started off as a name for Larissa to brake into the art scene. Royally Divine has evolved into so much more. A brand, a style, and overall look to bring smiles to people's faces. Be sure to keep up with Royally Divine on social media!

My Website:
Etsy Shop:
Personal Instagram:

Thank you for taking the time to check this out, and thank you so much for considering to help me creating and supporting my dreams!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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