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About RubberDorky

Lifestyle, Comedy, and Social Commentary
I'm homeless! And I want to make content that gives an interesting look at this lifestyle. I normally used to make analytical and comedy videos, but for the time being I'm going to be making short-form content for a new series called Rubber And A Car.

This patreon is meant to help support content about homeless living for now, Los Angeles itself, and mental health tips.

Once I'm under a roof, THIS patreon will switch back to my main channel. Although if this really grows, I'll of course keep making videos for Rubber And A Car at a slower pace while I write my book and get back to RubberDorky

I plan to be putting together little videos for the channel that actually provide compelling insight to homeless living in Los Angeles such as I live it. I'll give tips, and show how I personally manage things with my own situation; living out of a car, and driving for Lyft.

○ Rubber And A Car would get at least a video a week

○ RubberDorky vids are on hold. Future videos will have less serious analysis and really lean into comedy, because that's what keeps me interested in creating.

○ Stormfall gets regular effort every week. And once the first patron supports it, I'll put up the first bits of exclusive content.

For business or memes, find me through email or discord respectively

[email protected]

Quickest way to reach me is Twitter!

Free Videos
I'll be making most of these videos for free, so you get them whether you're a patreon or not :)

Patrons get more the more personal content I make.

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○ More consistent videos w/ more editing
○ Your name credited in the video descriptions
○ Shoutouts
○ Livestreams (When I'm more stable)
○ Merch discounted to cost (When I'm more stable)

YOUR SUPPORT goes farther when you send my vids to your friends!

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Hmu on Twitter or Discord if you're still watching me! <3

Why Support RubberDorky
Videos for you, Red Bull for me, some laughs for both of us. I want to stream again, make videos again, eat something besides fast food and granola bars again. I'll always give back as much as I possibly can. I'd be so grateful if we could get a real chance to make RubberDorky grow more again someday soon.
All I'm missing is the time 

- RubberDorky
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Twice as many videos.

I will basically put double the amount of time into the homeless videos if you love them that much! Right now that would mean 2 or more a week, since being homeless takes a solid chuck more time than being under a roof, w quick access to showers, bathrooms, a fridge.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
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