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I am so grateful for your contribution! Every $1 makes me feel more worthy to create for you and supports me in doing so! With enough of you so much can be done!
Thank you SO much for being a part of my crew!

For being a PAWSOME tip jar contributor you can have access to:

  • My patron feed to get a peek at any projects in the works.
  • Vote on polls for future picture ideas or product designs to get excited about!  
  • Access to livestreams relating to product WIPs

Whichever comes first... When I get up to 20 patrons OR if meet my first goal, I will be adding new perks and tiers!

Limited (2 of 2 remaining)
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Become a sponsor for one of my designs that can be turned into a sticker or acrylic charm. You will be credited by name with the release of the creation that you choose to put funding towards!
"This product designed by Rubix and funded by [You!]"

If you choose this pledge you will be given the option to choose from my current available WIP designs or have input on me me coming up with something new. Once funded, the design will be turned into a sticker or charm within 30 days within me contacting the manufacturer. This is an exciting pledge for both of us, because you will get either 10 stickers or 5 acrylic charms you fund and 5 stickers of any design I have on hand, sent to you.

For the one month of support at sponsor tier, in addition to funding a design, you will have access to everything else available to other tiers as well as my utmost thanks shown with a customized mailed out postcard!

Please note! You are not buying the rights to this design, merely paying for the labor for me to create it and funding its production. These will still be my products! Even if you choose your own OC, I will retain the rights to this specific item and resell it as I see fit with no profit to you monetarily. By pledging this tier you agree to these stipulations.




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Hello internet! It'sa me, Rubix. Please consider supporting me for one dollar a month! If you think that isn't going to be helpful don't worry IT WILL BE! <3 Every penny counts and adds up!

I am putting this Patreon up as a tip jar to start. It's a low obligation $1 tip to have access here. I feel it is important to state that I'm not closing off doing regular art or access to getting such from me. If I get more patrons, I can add new tiers with fun rewards!

It is my goal one day to see my designed creations on your laptops, fursuit trunks, gaming devices, phones, tablets, and badges! I want to do stickers, pins, buttons, lanyards, shirts, 3D printed figures and more! I want you to feel like things I create can represent you and the things you enjoy. IN THE FUTURE I plan to host my own shop and also give discounts through Patreon.

Thank you for believing in me.

Dear reader! If Patreon is not your thing, please consider gifting me a one time coffee!
It always makes my day <3
$0.92 of $75 per month
If I can reach this amount, I will have enough to order a small batch of stickers or buttons with a design chosen by patrons!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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