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I'm Ruby of Blue. I'm an aspiring animator, artistwriter and gamer.

I create high-quality animation inspired by the style of anime, Japanese animation. I painstakingly do everything in my videos, with the exception of voice work, and any volunteer work. I strive to make my animation look as professional and authentic as possible. I also love to play games and analyze them, giving my thoughts on nearly every aspect of them.

I write, storyboard, animate, clean up, color, paint backgrounds, and edit it all! As you can imagine, that takes a lot of effort and time. But I do live streams of me working on my next video frequently, as well as gaming live streams!

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I animate, write and make gaming content regardless of money. It's my passion and it's what I love more than anything. But as you know, life isn't free. I still need to cover the fundamental expenses just like everyone else. You don't have to pledge money to me, as my videos are all free to view, but if you did, that would make things a whole lot easier, and you'd be the most amazing person in the world!

If you pledge high enough, you will receive rewards in the form of sneak peeks to my WIP projects! If you pledge for the highest reward, you're also entitled to everything below it too! See below for the rewards and their amounts.

If you support me, I'd really appreciate it, and you'd forever have my thanks for making my dream come true that much easier!

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