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Hey guys, welcome to the Ruins of Adventure Patreon page!

I produce the weekly Twitch program Ruins of Adventure, and came here to Patreon to help myself and my players dedicate time to our craft of community gaming. This Patreon page is a place where you can directly support the show on an ongoing basis and get some perks each month in return in the form of exclusive gaming materials that I previously just shared with my players. 

Basically, you can pledge $1 (or more if you feel like it) on a monthly basis to help fund and grow the show. Your support will help in covering production costs, paying actors, map & illustration production, updating the studio, and hopefully: taking the show on the road more often to cons around our area to help promote awareness about community gaming.

As part of our support base, you'll see exclusive bonus content relative to how much you contribute, so check out our sponsorship tiers on the right hand page for what suits you :)  

Thank you everyone who believes in us! TO THE ADVENTURE!!!
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Maps for the "Sunless Citadel"!!!
We released the maps I've been developing for our use in the campaign "Tales from the Yawning Portal" ! Step 1 is to release the Maps for the first chapter... "The Sunless Citadel"!!! 
Check them out here!
Check out Silverymoon
Check out The Yawning Portal 
Check out Oakhurst
Check out The Ashen Plain
Check out The Fortress Level
Check out The Grove Level
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