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Good day everyone! My goal with this patreon is to raise money to continue to do the workshops & classes that I do for everyone. I would like to build on them & run more events. In my channel you will see, Students that I have taught for years, Tutorials for dance & Turntablism, Dance videos, Music Videos, Artistic Visuals, Explanations & Documentaries. My goal is to share what I have learned on my journey & I am constantly learning.

I started my journey as a teenager homeless on the streets of Toronto Busking. In 2002 I started street performing sharing my knowledge of dance & training with people from all walks of life. I then got a grant which allowed me to attend school & graduated in 2010 as a Teacher. I have been working in the field teaching children & adults from then till now. Since then I have developed a partnership with the TDSB & have been working in schools, family centers & dance studios. I have mentored others with the tools I have built & I'm looking to keep everything running. I have been funding all my efforts on my own & it isn't easy.  This is an effort to strengthen the family unit & redirect the violence in our society through the arts. Lets dance, share & grow together, RESPECT! - Michael B. Rulentlez

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