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All $1 Patreon donations will go to one of my current fund raising causes, and help me be able to afford a decent donation to the good causes in the first place.

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Currently it is as of 2019 a Mt Snowdon 7 in 7 challenge. 7 ascents and 7 descents of Snowdon in Wales in 7 days.




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About RunningForMyHealth

I describe myself as a charity fundraiser and fund raising for charity is my daily work and passion. I tend to donate most of my spare money if I have any to good causes be it one of my own fundraisers or other runners I know.
The more spare money I have at the end of each month the more I can donate to good causes and this is where any Patreon money is going to go as I have always got worthy causes to donate to including whatever my own personal fundraising challenge will be at that time as I usually always have one on the go and donations always go direct which ever charity I am fundraising for at that event.
I do not create any exclusive content which I can offer you like most of the others creators on here as I spend my own personal time trying to create and maintain charity fund raising campaigns in which I partake in myself and regularly train for, or fundraising campaigns in which I use other like minded individuals to do as a group and expand our success and scope for donations.
I also write a fitness blog about my charity fundraising exploits when I am on my fundraising challenges themselves at tough events.
I also write a mental health blog and have a Facebook page where I have created a group of like minded individuals who can offer a listening ear when needed in private and can also get one themselves when needed.
I have a dedicated private charity fundraising group on Facebook of over 100 members called Run or Cake and we pay forfeits for runs we miss during the week and hold each other accountable. We have so far raised over £7800 in individual 50p forfeits for each missed run. We also support each others fund raising efforts when we do our own charity runs.
Running the Run or Cake group takes up most of my spare time as I have to monitor and log and comment on every single post or run my 100+ members make, and I have to keep tabs on them if they miss runs and ensure they pay up and pay direct to our 5 charities online.
My day job is merely to pay the bills to enable me to put a roof over my head and enable me to dedicate my spare time to fund raising and helping those that need where I can. I believe this to be my God given purpose in life, and putting others before myself is the way I believe is the way it should be.
As said I personally donate most of my own spare money each month to either my own fund raising campaigns or those my fellow running friends are doing. Donating to each others causes is a great way of encouraging further fund raising and sharing each others fund raising causes and campaigns increases reach and final amounts raised.
I have chosen to dedicate my time and resources to fund raising first and putting everything else second and living on my own I am able to do so as I do not need to share my time, my fundraising comes first and helping others and being there for others is my day to day priority.
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When I get to 50 Patrons I will start posting month by month figures of where I have sent the previous months donations to so you can all see the good causes you have helped.
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