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About RyFy

Hey Guys, At this New Pre-Launch you'll be able to support fun, good for society music, and arts.
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Video transcript...
This is RYFY, I’m an eclectic pop artist, and I like to dabble in a little rythem, soul, hip hop, dance, funk, rap, soaking, inspiration, spoken word, and rock music. :-) These are my musical influences and I’m doing this monthly membership to give you a bunch of perks and to help support the creation of my music albums. Plus, If You happened to arrive here before getting my free song and it’s poster. Go to Ry-fy.com/free-song-poster I made myself that's pretty good, I know can be better with pro recording studio. Just pay shipping for the song and poster. I’ll toss the link below for you also. :-) I’m an independent artist, and I’m not signed to a label, so that means, I am doing this completely on my own, and I need your help, to help me make this first album, and there is no other way I can do this without you. This album as far as the story line goes….I don’t want to give it all away, but i Want to give it all away, but I will say that, I’m always intruiged by things going on in the world, in each person, what we deeply seek, overcoming any part of history, overcoming anything we are facing, experiencing love and victory. And, I believe that is something we have seen throughout history, especially in pop music history? There is an old saying that says. I will love them, and reveal myself to each of them. SO I think you can expect some spiritual overtones as well. Again, I’m an Independent artist. I’m on my own, but, with your help I know I can do this. In exchange I have all kinds of perks, you can be first to hear my music, t-shirts, cd’s, Skype Hangouts, online events, videos, access to my Facebook group, and I even have a secret song, that I haven’t released that will be for your ears only. And, I know, If everyone just gave even $1 dollar I can do this no problem. I’m so excited cuz I’ve got some really good material and I can’t wait to share it with you.
Thanks so much everyone, High Five!
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