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About Ryan Matlock

I'm the guy who makes the EntrePUNeur YouTube channel and the Aux Cable podcast.

I have a thing for what I call, "innovating entertainment". It began with the idea that a good story needs to both entertain and educate the listener. If it's pure education, you sound like a droning college professor. If it's purely entertainment with no takeaway, you've got Spongebob.

And no one wants to be Spongebob.

So I make my videos and podcast to enrich people's lives by entertaining and educating them on just about any topic that comes into my head to speak on.

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You will be added to a SUPER EXCLUSIVE Facebook group where I will share behind the scenes media, have discussions about future entertainment, and grow a community to take over the world. Even if you decide to end your Patronage, you're in this Facebook group for life.

You also gain access to exclusive Google Hangouts when we record The Aux Cable podcast! You'll get to listen to the raw recording of the podcast, and even chat with us! We may just read your comments in REAL TIME!!!

Finally, I give you permission to find me on Twitter and introduce yourself! I will be replying with my sincerest words of thanks. I'm sure we'll become lifelong friends.  

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I've made TONS of custom tracks for my videos over the years. For the growing creators out there, I give access to this library and it's free use under an Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International Creative Commons license.
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Take your pick of The EntrePUNeur YouTube channel or the Aux Cable Podcast! You will be recognized publicly in the credits for your amazing support.
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You will be recognized publicly in the credits for both The EntrePUNeur YouTube channel AND the Aux Cable Podcast for your amazing support!
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You will show up in the credits for BOTH of my shows. You'll also be allowed to promote your YouTube channel/ other content pages you run in the credits. Free publicity and fame (you know, excluding the $20. :P)

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Let's have a 30 minute Skype call! If you're giving me FIFTY DOLLARS A MONTH, I want to meet you because you are SO cool.

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If you seriously pay me $100 dollars a month, I don't even know how to thank you. I'll be forced to make something just for you. Like a video all about how awesome you are, or a song dedicated to the amazingness that is you.
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P. O. Box

Unfortunately, P. O. Boxes cost money. I've always wanted to set one up so that people can send me fan mail, but haven't had funds in the budget to do so. 

BUT! Once I reach the $30 goal, I'll have enough to setup a P. O box!
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